Please follow these steps on How to Rent an Apartment.

  1. Click Application in the menu at the top of the page and fill out the application. Someone will reach out to you shortly after filling it out.
  2. Someone will text or call you to schedule a time to see the property, Please let them know a few different days and times of when you are available to see the apartment.
  3. View the property and let them know if you are interested, not interested, or want to move forward.
  4. You can look for properties on social media platforms to see the videos and photos of the project, and if you are looking for buyers you can share them and use Social Boosting to boost the video and get to more possible buyers with the increase of the views.
  5. If your interested or want to move forward then you can either bring the $40 with you when you see the apartment or let them know afterwards that you want to move forward with the background check,
  6. Once we receive the $40 we will process the background check at your request. The background check will take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours to process, with the help of private investigation services.
  7. If all comes back good with the background check you will receive an approval.
  8. Then we will meet at the apartment to do the contract, keys, first months rent and security deposit.

Please note:

Rent is pro-rated but paid in the second month. The first month rent is the full amount collected at the signing of the lease.
Example: Today is 9/26/17 there are 4 days left in the month. If you moved in today and rent is $500 then you will pay $500 in rent. On 10/1/17 you will pay the pro-rated rent of $67 for the month of October. Then on November 1st your rent amount is back to the $500 and each month after that.